About the Club


The Guelph Road Off-Bicycle Association (GORBA) is the largest group in Guelph dedicated to the needs of off-road cyclists. We preserve, maintain and increased the trail network in Guelph. As a group, we can participate in discussions with other trail user groups and with key organizations such as the Grand River Conservation Authority and The City of Guelph.

GORBA Activities

  • Advocates for and promotes safe and responsible off-road bicycling.
  • Works with and nurtures local community interest and participation in off-road bicycling by providing instruction and good examples of trail ethics and etiquette.
  • Works with other interest groups to develop and improve systems for off-road bicycling.
  • Develops a strong network of trails in and around the Guelph area.
  • Works with officials and land managers in access, environmental, and developmental issues.