Bike Patrol

The GORBA Patrol is one of the few Canadian members of  IMBA’s National Mountain Bike Patrol program.   The purpose of the program is to assist land owners in their risk management strategies and thereby help ensure continued access to the trails we all enjoy.  The goals of the program are to assist, educate and inform all trail users.

More specifically, the GORBA Patrol provides first-aid and mechanical assistance when needed.  We educate interested trail users in sustainable trail use practices and in trail etiquette.  We also inform trail users about our local trails and about local conditions.
The NMBP program is not designed as an enforcement program but is intended to be a good neighbour to all trail users.

You will see GORBA Bike Patrol at the GORBA trails at Guelph Lake, as well as patrolling GORBA club rides.  Please say hi when you see us on the trails!


GORBA Bike Patrol logoIf you require any more information or wish to contact our patrol, please email us or check out the IMBA website or email